Classes of Fire – A, B, C, D, and K

Fires are classified by the types of fuel they burn.

Class A

Class A Fires consist of ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, trash or anything else that leaves an ash. Water works best to extinguish a Class A fire.

Class B

Class B Fires are fueled by flammable or combustible liquids, which include oil, gasoline, and other similar materials. Smothering effects which deplete the oxygen supply work best to extinguish Class B fires.

Class C

Class C Fires. Energized Electrical Fires are known as Class C fires. Always de-energize the circuit then use a non-conductive extinguishing agent. Such as Carbon dioxide.

Class D

Class D Fires are combustible metal fires. Magnesium and Titanium are the most common types of metal fires. Once a metal ignites do not use water in an attempt to extinguish it. Only use a Dry Powder extinguishing agent. Dry powder agents work by smothering and heat absorption.

Class K

Class K Fires are fires that involve cooking oils, grease or animal fat and can be extinguished using Purple K, the typical agent found in kitchen or galley extinguishers.


 Fire can do extensive damage very quickly and the damage can be made worse by the fire departments intervention, adding water damage to smoke and structural damage.  We can build from the ground up or repair your home from Fire water and smoke. After the initial clean up we start by installing, new framing, insulation and drywall, Once completed new floors, cabinets counters and appliances are installed and, the space is transformed. Crisman Inc works with all Insurance Carriers.